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Paul John Peated Select Cask Single Malt 55.5%- 0.7l

1.40 kg
Enjoy a taste of luxury with the Paul John Peated Select Cask Single Malt. This Indian whisky, crafted with an artisanal touch, offers a smoky, peaty flavor that's simply irresistible. Each sip unveils layers of complexity, revealing notes of toasted honeycomb, salty caramel, and a hint of spice. Perfect for those cosy nights in or for celebrating special occasions. This isn't just a whisky, it's an experience, a journey of exotic flavors. Treat yourself or a loved one to this exceptional single malt and savor the artistry in every drop.


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Introducing the Paul John Peated Select Cask, an exceptional single malt that's sure to delight your senses. This masterpiece comes from the sun-kissed Indian coast, where the unique climate enhances its flavors and gives it a distinctive character. Its warm, peaty aroma is both inviting and intriguing - a hint of the rich experience that lies within.

Every sip of the Paul John Peated Select Cask offers a delightful journey for your palate. It combines the deep undertones of peat with subtle hints of spice, creating a robust yet balanced flavor profile. It's an experience that's as complex as it is enjoyable, making this single malt an absolute must-have for whisky connoisseurs.

The Paul John Peated Select Cask is not just about taste, it's also about craftsmanship. The entire process, from the selection of the finest barley to the meticulous distillation process, showcases the dedication to quality and perfection. This is a whisky that reflects the passion of its creators and their commitment to delivering an unforgettable drinking experience.

Whether you're a whisky aficionado or a casual drinker looking to explore new flavors, the Paul John Peated Select Cask is an excellent choice. It's more than just a drink - it's a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the joy of discovery. So why wait? Embark on a flavor-filled journey with the Paul John Peated Select Cask today. Trust us, it's an adventure you don't want to miss!
Data sheet
John Distillery Ltd.
Country of origin
Single Malt
Alcohol content
Dye caramel 150a
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