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Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt 61.8%- 0.7l

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Experience the sublime fusion of barley and oak with the Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt. This Indian whisky, matured in seasoned oak barrels, offers a rich, full-bodied flavor that's sure to delight any connoisseur. From the first sip, you'll be captivated by its complex notes of spice, fruit, and chocolate, followed by a long, satisfying finish. Perfect for special occasions or for simply enjoying after a long day, the Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. Indulge yourself or gift it to a whisky lover. Remember, the best moments are always better when shared over a glass of superior single malt.


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Experience the bold and exhilarating taste of Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt. This Indian single malt is aged in oak barrels, giving it a rich and complex flavor profile that is sure to please any whisky connoisseur. The aroma is captivating, with notes of oak, vanilla, and a hint of spice.

But it's the taste that will truly blow you away. Expect a symphony of flavors, from sweet honey and fruity undertones to bold spices and a warming, oaky finish. It's a full-bodied dram with an impressive kick that leaves a lasting impression.

This isn't just a beverage; it's an experience. Whether you're a single malt enthusiast or you're simply looking to try something new and exciting, Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt is a must-try. It's a true testament to the craftsmanship of Indian distilleries.

To enjoy it to the fullest, serve it neat or with a splash of water. The high ABV allows you to adjust it to your taste, making each sip a personalized experience. It's also a great gift idea for whisky lovers.

But don't just take our word for it. Taste the magic of Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt today and discover a whole new world of flavors. It's an adventure in a glass. One sip, and you'll understand why it's hailed as one of the finest malts out there. You deserve nothing but the best, and this is it.
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Single Malt
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Dye caramel 150a
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