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Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch 55.8%- 0.7l

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Delight your senses with the Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch. This luxurious beverage is matured in Spanish sherry casks, offering a rich, deep flavor profile with a hint of spice, dried fruits, and chocolate. Perfect for the discerning whisky connoisseur, it boasts a full-bodied, warming finish that lingers on the palate. Whether you're toasting to a special occasion or unwinding after a long day, this single malt scotch is the perfect companion. Elevate your whisky experience with the Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch - a liquid testament to traditional distilling artistry.


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Indulge in the rich, warm flavor of Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch. Crafted with the finest ingredients and aged to perfection, this premium single malt scotch is a true delight for the senses. It's bottled straight from the cask, maintaining the high strength and full-bodied taste that whisky enthusiasts crave.

Take a moment to appreciate its deep, amber color, a clear indication of its maturity and quality. As you bring it to your nose, you'll be met with a complex bouquet of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and cinnamon. These inviting aromas set the stage for the flavourful journey you're about to undertake.

Upon your first sip, you'll discover a rich, spicy palate with a hint of sweetness. Notes of sherry-soaked fruit, toasted almonds and dark chocolate swirl together, creating an impressive symphony of flavors. The finish is long and warming, leaving a satisfying aftertaste of spice and subtle sweetness. It's a perfect drink to savour on a chilly evening, or to celebrate a special occasion.

Every bottle of Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch is a testament to traditional scotch-making techniques. Each sip transports you to the beautiful Isle of Arran, where this scotch is crafted with passion and precision. It's more than just a drink; it's an experience.

Whether you're a seasoned scotch drinker or a curious newbie, you'll find plenty to love about Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch. Its intricate flavor profile and high-quality ingredients make it a fantastic addition to any liquor cabinet. Experience the exceptional taste of tradition with Arran Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch.
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Arran Distillery
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