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Amahagan Edition N°3 Mizunara Wood Finish 47.0%- 0.7l

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Experience the rich flavors of the Amahagan Mizunara Wood Finish. This Japanese whisky offers a unique blend of fruity and spicy notes, perfectly balanced by its wood finish. Matured in Mizunara oak casks, the spirit absorbs all the complex flavors of the wood, leaving a long-lasting, sweet aftertaste that whisky connoisseurs will love. Whether you're a whisky enthusiast or just starting your tasting journey, this smooth, full-bodied drink is a great addition to your collection. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks for a genuine Japanese whisky experience.


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Discover the unrivaled taste of Amahagan Mizunara Wood Finish Whiskey. This exceptional spirit is made with the utmost precision, promising a unique, unforgettable experience for whiskey lovers. Crafted in the heart of Japan, it boasts a distinctive blend of carefully selected malt whiskies.

The secret behind its rich, exotic flavor lies in its finish - the Mizunara wood. This rare Japanese oak adds a touch of sophistication to the whiskey, infusing it with a mix of sandalwood and coconut notes, all wrapped in a velvety smooth texture. Each sip reveals a symphony of flavors, unfolding a delightful sweetness that lingers on the palate.

But the journey of this whiskey doesn't stop at taste. The Amahagan Mizunara Wood Finish Whiskey is a feast for the eyes as well. Housed in an elegant bottle that mirrors the craftmanship of its contents, it makes a perfect centerpiece for your home bar.

Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur or a first-time taster, this Japanese malt whiskey promises to be a remarkable addition to your collection. It's not just a drink; it's an adventure into a world of refined tastes and textures. Experience the fine art of Japanese whiskey-making with Amahagan Mizunara Wood Finish.

Remember, it's not about the destination; it's about the journey. And the journey of taste begins with Amahagan. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass, sit back, and let the beautiful world of whiskey unfold in front of you.
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Nagahama Distillery
Country of origin
Blended Malt Scotch whisky
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