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Loch Lomond Single Grain 46.0%- 0.7l

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Experience the smooth, rich flavor of Loch Lomond Single Grain whisky. This Scottish gem is not just any drink; it's a sensory journey. The aroma captivates with hints of toffee and crisp green apples. On the palate, you'll discover a delightful marriage of honey sweetness and cinnamon spice. Its lengthy, warming finish seals the deal, leaving a memorable aftertaste. Perfect for whisky connoisseurs or those looking to venture into the world of single grain whiskies. Don't miss the chance to indulge in this truly unique spirit.


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Indulge in the divine flavour of Loch Lomond Single Grain, a premium Scotch whisky that promises a unique tasting experience. This single grain whisky, crafted in the heart of Scotland, is a luxurious blend of tradition, innovation and Scottish heritage.

As you uncork the bottle, you'll be greeted by a tantalizing aroma that hints at the rich, full-bodied flavour within. Each sip reveals a harmonious blend of fruity notes, mingled with a subtle touch of vanilla and spice. The finish is long, warming and wonderfully smooth, reminiscent of a serene evening by the bonny banks of Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond Single Grain is not just a beverage, it's an experience. Whether you're a whisky connoisseur or a novice, you'll appreciate the intricate flavours and the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. It's the perfect gift for a special occasion, or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

Pair it with your favourite cigar or a hearty meal, or enjoy it on its own - the choice is yours. With Loch Lomond Single Grain, every occasion becomes a celebration.

So go ahead and make room in your liquor cabinet for Loch Lomond Single Grain, a whisky that truly stands out. It's not just about the taste, it's about the experience - a journey to the heart of Scotland with each sip. Cheers to great times and unforgettable memories with Loch Lomond Single Grain!
Data sheet
Loch Lomond Distillery
Country of origin
Single Grain
Single Malt
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