Taiwan & Japan Whisky

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Embark on an Eastern Whisky Journey: Taiwan & Japan Exclusives at viskit.eu

Far East Asia is not just renowned for its rich history and culture but also for its outstanding whiskies. At viskit.eu, let the spirits of Taiwan and Japan whisk you away.

The Rise of Taiwanese Whisky

From the lush landscapes of Taiwan emerge whiskies that are making waves internationally.

A Tropical Twist

Taiwan's unique climate imparts a distinct character to its whiskies, resulting in flavors that are both deep and dynamic.

Internationally Acclaimed

Taiwanese distilleries have bagged numerous global awards, proving that they stand tall amongst their international counterparts.

Japan: A Whisky Powerhouse

Japanese whiskies are the confluence of meticulous craftsmanship and a pursuit of perfection.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Japanese distilleries masterfully balance time-honored techniques with innovative approaches to create exceptional spirits.

The Harmony of Flavors

Whether it's the delicate floral notes or the profound smoky undertones, Japanese whiskies offer an orchestra of flavors to the connoisseur.

Why Choose viskit.eu for Taiwanese & Japanese Whisky?

As you journey through the Eastern whisky landscapes, here's why viskit.eu is your ideal companion.

Authentic Selections

Our curated collection ensures that you experience the true essence of Taiwan and Japan in every bottle.

A Spectrum of Choices

From the established labels to the rising stars, viskit.eu's array promises a diverse exploration.


Dive deep into the Eastern whisky narrative with viskit.eu. Every bottle offers an authentic sip of Taiwan's tropical allure or Japan's pristine precision.


  1. What sets Taiwanese and Japanese whiskies apart from others?
    • The unique climates, traditions, and innovative approaches of Taiwan and Japan give their whiskies a distinctive character and charm.
  2. Are there age-stated whiskies available from these regions?
    • Yes, both Taiwan and Japan offer a range of age-stated whiskies, though Japan has seen an increase in non-age-stated expressions due to demand.
  3. How does viskit.eu ensure the authenticity of the whiskies?
    • Viskit.eu partners with reputable distilleries and suppliers, ensuring that each bottle is genuine and of the highest quality.
  4. Can I get tasting sets?
    • Indeed! Viskit.eu offers curated tasting sets, perfect for those looking to explore a range of flavors from Taiwan and Japan.
  5. What are the shipping options?
    • Viskit.eu provides global shipping. For more details on shipping rates and policies, please check our website.